85: What is the timing of the contract execution process? Are there specific instructions for Bidders that rely on the financial standing of a guarantor?

The ICC is expected to make a decision regarding the results of the procurement by Friday, September 26. If the ICC accepts the results of the procurement, the Procurement Administrator will notify the representatives of each Bidder with Bids accepted by the Commission.  For Bidders relying on the financial standing of a Guarantor, ComEd will prepare the guaranty but AIC expects the Bidder to prepare the guaranty.

Winning Bidders are required to fully execute applicable supplier contracts and related documents by 4 PM CPT (5 PM Eastern Prevailing Time) on the second business day after the ICC decision, tentatively Tuesday, September 30, and send such fully executed signature pages to the Company electronically. The Bidder must meet the creditworthiness requirements under the applicable supplier contract by the close of business on the second business day after the ICC decision.

Please see Section V1.2 of the RFP Rules specifically starting at Paragraph VI.2.15, which can be found in the Standard Products Section of the IPA web site (, for more information regarding the Post-Bid Process.