SPV-18: When and where will the list of pre-qualified aggregators in the 2015 SPV RFP be posted?

Consistent with Section 1-56(i)(7) of the Illinois Power Agency Act, “the names of the successful bidders and the average of the winning bid prices for each contract type and for each contract term shall be made available to the public within 2 days after the supplemental procurement event.” As such, the Procurement Administrator will first make this list of winning bidders available on the procurement website after the conclusion of the first procurement event with a Bid Date planned for June 18, 2015.

For aggregators (i.e., bidders who are not bidding strictly on behalf of systems they own), this list will consist of winners in procurement events under the SPV RFP that consent to have their names and contact information posted to the website as a pre-qualified aggregator.

Please note that because Section 1-56(i)(7) also contains a requirement to “maintain the confidentiality of all other supplier and bidding information,” certain information cannot be made public. This includes the names of aggregators that have pre-qualified in the RFP process but do not have bids approved by the Commission, bidders’ individual bid prices, and the benchmark prices applied to the procurement events.