50: When does the Procurement Administrator expect to notify Bidders that had Bids that were evaluated whether any are identified as winning Bids? When is the decision from the ICC expected?

The Procurement Administrator expects to notify a Bidder that had Bids that were evaluated whether any of the Bidder’s Bids are identified by the Procurement Administrator as winning Bids to the ICC by 6 PM on the Bid Date. Such notification is made earlier to the extent practicable or may be made on the next business day as circumstances warrant.

Within two (2) business days of the Bid Date, the Procurement Administrator will submit to the ICC a confidential report that will provide the results of the bidding related to each procurement event, as well as a recommendation on whether these results should be accepted or rejected.  The ICC will decide whether to accept or reject the results of each procurement event within two (2) business days of receiving the confidential reports from the Procurement Administrator and the Procurement Monitor.