STP-42: When will a Bidder who wins bids on Ameren products be informed of the security requirements under the contract?

Please refer to the Collateral Annex as well as Paragraph 10 of the Collateral Annex (as amended in the (AIC) Confirmation Agreement) for information regarding the credit and security requirements. The applicable supplier contract is posted to the “Standard Products” page of the IPA web site (

Any security due under the agreement may be met using a Letter of Credit (in the form of Exhibit B to the AIC Confirmation Agreement), using cash, or using a Guaranty if the Bidder is relying on the financial standing of a creditworthy Guarantor. AIC will communicate security requirements, if needed, as soon as practicable after the Confirmation Agreement has been fully executed. If the provisions of the agreement indicate that AIC may require the posting of Performance Assurance, then AIC will provide notice in accordance with the applicable contract provisions.