IFP-10: When will the documents, including the bidding procedures and proposal requirements, be issued for the New Solar RFP? Is there any preliminary information available?

RFP documents for the New Solar RFP including the rules, which will provide the bidding procedures, will be issued by Wednesday, February 7, 2018 and posted on the procurement website here:

The procurement events held under the New Solar RFP are for the annual delivery of renewable energy credits from new Solar Projects (utility-scale projects or brownfield site photovoltaic projects). As defined in Public Act 099-0906, a utility-scale solar project means an electric generating facility that generates electricity using photovoltaic cells and that has a nameplate capacity greater than 2,000 kW (AC rating). A brownfield site photovoltaic project means photovoltaics that are interconnected to an electric utility, a municipal utility, a public utility or an electric cooperative as defined by the Act. There is no size requirement related to brownfield site photovoltaic projects.

The Procurement Administrator has posted a document with preliminary proposal requirements to the “Draft Documents” page of the New Solar tab of the procurement website. The Procurement Administrator has also posted, to that same page, the final forms of the Pre-Bid Letters of Credit and of the requirements for the letter of intent. On January 31, 2018, the Procurement Administrator released parameters for the procurement events, including amounts for the bid assurance collateral as well as parameters for site control.