Indexed REC-54: Where can I find a schedule for future Indexed REC procurement events?

The Illinois Power Agency (“IPA”) develops procurement plans and conducts competitive procurement processes in accordance with the requirements of Section 1-75 of the Illinois Power Agency Act and Section 16-111.5 of the Public Utilities Act. The IPA issued their final Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan (“2024 Long-Term Plan”) on April 19, 2024. Chapter 5 of the 2024 Long-Term Plan covers the IPA’s competitive procurement activities relevant to Ameren Illinois Company (“Ameren Illinois”), Commonwealth Edison Company (“ComEd”), and MidAmerican Energy Company (“MidAmerican”) for 2024 and 2025.

Please see Section 5.6 of the 2024 Long-Term Plan, Table 5-5 in particular, for the proposed schedule for competitive procurements. The next Indexed REC RFP for new utility-scale wind, new utility-scale solar, new brownfield site photovoltaic, and certain hydropower projects is expected to be held in Fall 2024.