BEC-23: Where can I find information on evaluation procedure and benchmarks relevant to the procurement events held under the Spring 2022 Block Energy and Capacity RFP?

As stated in Paragraph I.2.11 of the Spring 2022 Block Energy and Capacity RFP Rules, “The evaluation of Bids for a Company in its procurement event for Energy Products proceeds in two steps. In the first step, all Bids that fail to meet the benchmarks are eliminated. In accordance with the Act, benchmarks are established by the Procurement Administrator, in consultation with the IPA, the Procurement Monitor, and the ICC Staff. The benchmarks are confidential and are subject to review and approval by the ICC. In the second step, the Procurement Administrator evaluates the Bids that meet or beat the benchmarks and selects a package of Bids that procures all needed blocks for that Company if possible at the lowest average cost per MWh. This package of Bids is called the Least Cost Package for a Company and each Bid in the Least Cost Package is a winning Bid.”