Indexed REC-35: Where can I find more information about the requirement for a utility-scale solar and brownfield solar photovoltaic project to be installed by Qualified Persons?

Under the Part 1 Proposal, for a utility-scale solar or brownfield solar photovoltaic project, the Seller must certify that “the Project has been installed or will be installed by Qualified Persons in compliance with the requirements of Section 16-128A of the Public Utilities Act and any rules or regulations adopted thereunder.”

As stated in the Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan (“2024 Long-Term Plan”) in Section, “The Illinois Commerce Commission has adopted administrative rules for the certification of utility-scale and distributed generation installers under Section 16-128A of the Public Utilities Act. The Commission has specifically defined the terms “qualified person” and “install” for both categories of projects. Any entity seeking to develop new photovoltaic projects in Illinois should be aware of the Commission’s Part 461 rules (governing installers of utility-scale photovoltaics), Part 468 rules (governing distributed generation installers) and the certification process more generally.”

The 2024 Long-Term Plan is available on the IPA’s website here: