STP-24: Why does the ComEd Contract Insert (#P1-5) provide the opportunity for Bidders to make elections while the Ameren Contract Insert (#P1-3) does not?

ComEd provides the opportunity for the Bidder to make elections in the Contract Insert (#P1-5). These elections are mainly modifications to the Guaranty, provided as Schedule 2 to the Collateral Annex, that ComEd finds acceptable. These elections are provided because, should a Bidder (with Bids identified to the Commission as winning Bids) rely on the standing of a Guarantor, the Guaranty will be prepared by ComEd using the elections provided in the ComEd Contract Insert. Ameren does not prepare the Guaranty in these circumstances and it is the responsibility of a Bidder, that has Bids identified to the Commission as winning Bids and that is relying on the standing of a Guarantor, to prepare the Guaranty. The modifications to the Form of Guaranty that Ameren finds acceptable and that the Bidder could include in preparing the Guaranty are provided in Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 to the Form of Guaranty, which is Exhibit A to the (AIC) Confirmation Agreement. Specifically Schedule 2 contains those modifications to the Guaranty to be used in the event that a party chooses to execute a single guaranty for Ameren Illinois Company with respect to all outstanding Fixed Price Customer Supply Contract obligations.