Archived-BEC-65: Why would Bids submitted in the April 18 Procurement Events under the Spring 2022 BEC RFP not be selected during the bid evaluation? Do the Companies (AIC, ComEd, and MEC) take part in the evaluation and selection of Bids?

The Companies are not involved in the evaluation and selection of Bids. The evaluation of Bids for a Company in its procurement event for Energy Products proceeds in two steps. In the first step, all Bids that fail to meet the benchmarks are eliminated. In the second step, the Procurement Administrator evaluates the Bids that meet or beat the benchmarks and selects a package of Bids that procures all needed blocks for that Company if possible at the lowest average cost per MWh. The outcome of this procedure was that only a portion of the Targets available for AIC’s and ComEd’s Energy Products was filled. No portion of the Target available for MEC’s Energy Products was filled.