BEC-19: Will Bidders have the opportunity to comment on the supplier contracts or the letters of credit for the procurement events under the Fall 2020 Block Energy and Capacity RFP? If yes, when is the deadline?

A Bidder may, in its Part 1 Proposal, provide comments on or propose modifications to the Standard Pre-Bid Letter of Credit for a Company.  A Bidder provides such comments by submitting a redline in Microsoft Word by email or by upload to the application website by the Part 1 Date, Thursday, August 20, 2020. The Pre-Bid Letters of Credit are posted to the Final Materials page of the Block Energy and Capacity section of the website.

Please note that for the upcoming Fall 2020 procurement events, the Pre-Bid Letter of Credit for a Company, due with the Part 2 Proposal, must be submitted electronically. Also, instead of requiring a statement from the Issuing Bank to accompany the Pre-Bid Letter of Credit as was done in the prior procurement events, the required statement confirming that the electronic PDF file serves as the operative instrument has been incorporated into paragraph 16 of the Standard Pre-Bid Letters of Credit.

There will not be a comment process with regard to the supplier contracts for the Fall 2020 BEC RFP.  The final supplier contracts will be posted on Friday, July 10, 2020.