Indexed REC-33: Will the Companies and the IPA sign a confidentiality agreement?

Please see Section VI.3 of the RFP rules for additional information regarding Confidentiality.

Any information provided by a Bidder or Seller in its Part 1 Proposal and Part 2 Proposal is provided on a confidential basis to the Procurement Administrator and may be provided on a confidential basis to the Procurement Monitor, to the IPA, or to ICC Staff.

The Procurement Administrator, the Procurement Monitor, representatives from the IPA, ICC Staff, and representatives of each Company as applicable who are involved in the evaluation of Proposals will consider all data and information provided by Bidders and Sellers in response to this RFP to be confidential and will attempt to limit its disclosure to the public in accordance with the provisions of Section VI.3 of the RFP Rules. Each Company will also take reasonable action to ensure that its employees, representatives and agents authorized to consider and evaluate all Proposals protect the confidentiality of such data and information. Each representative of the Procurement Administrator, Procurement Monitor, and the Companies that has access to any portion of the Proposals is required to sign a Confidentiality Statement in the form of Appendix 12 to these RFP Rules prior to evaluation of any portion of the Proposals. The list of all signatories is available to a Bidder or Seller upon request. A limited number of representatives from each Company will receive information on Bids identified by the Procurement Administrator as winning Bids for purposes of preparing the applicable supplier contracts. Another confidentiality agreement will be executed for this purpose.