70: Will the Pre-Bid Letter of Credit be returned for a Bidder whose Bids are approved by the ICC? If so, will different credit requirements than those set by the Pre-Bid Letter of Credit be established for the winning Bidder?

The Pre-Bid Letter of Credit will be left to expire on the stated Expiration Date, which is no earlier than seventeen (17) business days after the Bid Date (October 15, 2014 for these September 2014 procurement events). The Bidder may provide specific instructions in its Part 2 Proposal to a Company (AIC and/or ComEd) for the return of the Pre-Bid Letter of Credit. These specific instructions could, for example, request for the Pre-Bid Letter of Credit to be cancelled and returned to the bank or request that the Bidder receive a pdf of the cancelled Pre-Bid Letter of Credit.

If a Bidder has Bids that are approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission, the Bidder will be required to meet the creditworthiness requirements under the applicable supplier contract as part of the contract execution process. Bidders that rely on the creditworthiness of a guarantor will be required to submit an executed guaranty. Bidders that rely on their own financial standing would be required to provide Performance Assurance when the Company can make such a demand under the terms of the applicable supplier contract.