W&S-10: Will the REC contract terms for the Wind and Solar RFP (Initial Forward Procurement) be the same as the contract terms for the forthcoming Adjustable Block Program for Distributed Generation projects?

No. The REC Contract terms for the Wind and Solar RFP (Initial Forward Procurement) are in draft form and are still under development, it would be premature to compare these terms with other contracts that are not yet under development and will not be under development until sometime after the IPA’s long-term renewable resources plan is approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission (early 2018). The projects eligible for the Adjustable Block Program, however, are distributed generation or community solar projects (and not utility-scale), and are governed by different provisions of the IPA Act (Section 1-75(c)(1)(G) for the Initial Forward Procurement, and Section 1-75(c)(1)(L) for the Adjustable Block Program). It is therefore expected that the terms of the two contracts will differ.