DG-36: With credit support due upon contract execution, would it be possible to have the credentials of my Guarantor reviewed ahead of time so that I can be clear on the Collateral Threshold that will be given to my Guarantor?

If you wish, you may provide the details on the Guarantor that you propose to the Procurement Administrator, and we can strive to confirm the guarantor’s eligibility with the utilities in advance of the Bid Date.

Note, however, that if at any point during the contract, the Collateral Threshold falls below 10% of the Remaining Contract Value, then the Company may require assurance of the supplier’s ability to perform any obligation under the Contract.  Such assurance may include (i) posting of a Letter of Credit or (ii) posting of cash collateral. The amount would be equal to the positive difference between 10% of the Remaining Contract Value and the Guarantor’s Collateral Threshold, rounded up to the nearest $10,000.