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IPA seeks feedback on Brownfield Site Photovoltaic Procurement

In November 2018, the Illinois Power Agency, through its Procurement Administrator NERA Economic Consulting, Inc., conducted a competitive procurement event seeking to procure 80,000 RECs delivered annually through 15-year delivery contracts from qualified new brownfield site photovoltaic projects in Illinois. No successful bids were received, and thus no projects were selected under this procurement event. The IPA is now seeking feedback on any barriers that may have limited successful participation in the Brownfield Procurement.

A document listing specific questions that the Agency has posed is available on their website here.  The requirements and contractual provisions from the November 2018 procurement event (the FINAL Fall 2018 Brownfield and Utility-Scale Solar RFP Documents and FINAL Fall 2018 Brownfield and Utility-Scale Solar REC Contract) are available here.

Adjustable Block Program or the Illinois Solar for All Program

The information for these Programs is not available on this website.  For further information please visit the Illinois Power Agency website here:

Please visit the website for the Illinois Power Agency Adjustable Block Program here:

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