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Low-Income Community Solar Pilot – Request for Feedback Process

In 2019, the Illinois Power Agency (“IPA”), through its Procurement Administrator NERA Economic Consulting, conducted a competitive procurement under the Low-Income Community Solar Pilot, a sub-program of the Illinois Solar for All Program. Projects selected through the Low-Income Community Solar Pilot receive a $/REC price determined through a competitive bidding process under 15-year contracts with the IPA. Projects must result in economic benefits for the members of the community in which they are located and must include a partnership with at least one community-based organization. Please refer to Section 8.6.4 of the Revised Long-Term Plan for additional information.

To prepare for a next procurement, the IPA and the Procurement Administrator seek stakeholder feedback on several topics. Responses are due by May 17, 2021 and should be sent to

The Stakeholder Request for Feedback, which lists specific questions posed, is available for download here:

Stakeholder Request for Feedback

Comments are welcome from both participants in the first competitive procurement under this sub-program as well as from other interested parties. Commenters need not respond to every question (some may not be applicable) and commenters should not feel limited by these questions in providing feedback.

Documentation pertaining to the procurement held in 2019 is available on the procurement website here:  


Adjustable Block Program or the Illinois Solar for All Program

The information for these Programs is not available on this website.  For further information please visit the Illinois Power Agency website here:

Please visit the website for the Illinois Power Agency Adjustable Block Program here:

Please visit the website for the Illinois Power Agency Illinois Solar For All Program here:

Other useful links will be posted as additional information becomes available.